Monday, April 14, 2014

No words

I have no words. None.  I'm not sure what I feel right now so nothing can describe what I feel like.....other than numb.
Andrew was diagnosed with autism today. Like I said, I have no words. When I feel like talking about it, I will post more.
I introduced the fact that Andrew had issues a few months ago but left it at that after the majority of the people we know thought we were just worrying for nothing. I have kept a lot from this blog and there is no hiding it anymore. From now on, you will get the true side. There is no longer hiding my struggles that I have daily with Andrew. You will now read the full story of a family raising two boys who have autism on separate ends of the spectrum.
As for now, it is numbness!

1 comment:

  1.'ve been on my mind and in my prayers constantly since Monday. You can do this. Yes you can! Your mind has probably wondered years down the road and what that might bring for you and your family but for right now stay focused on today only. One day at a time...