Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sleeping Angels

My sleeping angels...

As always, I have no idea when, how, or where he will fall asleep.  It is always guaranteed to be some kind of a fight for him....unfortunately.

 I believe this one was around 4:30 AM. It is always a blessing when his body gives up the fight.

Last night, Andrew wanted to fall asleep on the couch...

Andrew has battled a nasty cold for ten days now. However, I think he is on the mends.  Trenton has the cold now. Trying to get his daily medicine down him is a difficult battle each day.   When I want to try to give him some cold and cough medicine.....oh boy...... It is a gigantic fight! I have to mentally prepare myself before I give it to him that I will get kicked and hit by my son....again.

His sleep remains to be in the extremely bad stage. I have had one too many nights where I don't know when my head will hit the pillow if at all.  He has not had very many therapies this week due to his cold.

We did take a trip to the dentist and he did the best he could. I try to make sure Trenton receives regular check ups from the dentist  since he is horrible at brushing teeth due to his sensory problems.

Sleeping in the van on the way home from the dentist.....he cried a lot.
 Andrew enjoyed coming along for the ride.


  1. I'm sure you've already tried this (and everything else you possibly could), but I was wondering, have you ever tried giving Trenton Melatonin to help aid his sleep?
    I know I personally sometimes struggle to fall asleep and Melatonin helped me a lot, so I looked it up and found this article that might be interesting to you! I'm sure you've already done so much research on this and have probably already heard of or tried this suggestion, but I figured it couldn't hurt to share with you!

  2. Hi there :) I just wanted to stop by and tell you what a fantastic job you're doing for your son(s). From one mommy of a boy with asd to another. Hope you guys have a great weekend.
    P.S. Devon is right...Melatonin changed our lives!