Wednesday, April 2, 2014

World Autism Day

We had a very good World Autism Day! I got teary eyed for the first time this morning when I dropped Trenton off at school and saw almost every staff member in blue as well as the students. Throughout the whole day my wonderful family and friends sent pictures of themselves in blue to me and pictures of their blue lights. This is amazing my friends!!! I can not change the fact that Trenton has autism but I CAN change how people view the disorder through advocating and raising awareness. Only two short years on this journey and look how Clay County, family, and friends are much more aware and educated! Thanks so much for listening and reading this blog about autism.

My two favorite people and me on World Autism Day! Thanks for making me a better person boys!
Of course the boys don't take good pictures at all but these are as good as they get these days

 We tried to stage this picture......
Andrew is laughing at Trenton pinching him but the pinch is fair warning that he is going to have a tantrum.

Asleep on the way to therapy.

 It is so nice to drive around town and see blue lights and awareness signs.

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