Friday, May 16, 2014

Amazing Week for Trenton!

Trenton is in an amazing phase right now! He has had an awesome week!!!!! I love when he is in his good phase!! He has slept great for 9 days now!!!! He still has had difficulty falling asleep and has done a lot of crying but once he fell asleep...he slept like an angel!!

His speech this week has been priceless! Wow...he has said several words! I literally pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming a few times. Most of the time he had to be prompted but that does not matter...the words came out!!! There has been many beautiful moments in this house this week. His voice is sooooo precious! Needless to say, I have heard "Mommy" this week!!!

He has also read several words to me, Nana, and Jill his ST.
He read all of his colors to me. I also heard him read cake, frog, bike, nana, and star. He read kangaroo and hippopotamus for Jill! Seriously? Kangaroo??? Hippopotamus??? Those are some big words!!! But at the same time it doesn't surprise me. He loves his animals and he has a photographic memory.
I would have to say overall he has had the best week in therapy in a long time. On Tuesday he worked with his ABA therapist for one hour without even trying to get out of his seat.

When asked by Emily, his OT, to draw a square...he did it! She showed it to me and it was beautiful. The most beautiful square I have ever laid eyes on. I instantly started crying! These are the moments that we work so hard for and they come as quickly as they leave us but when they happen...I cherish them and thank God for them. It's the things that most people take for granted but families like us, celebrate them. I sat in the waiting room and could not quit crying. I think my emotions was magnified by a little two year old girl who was in the waiting room talking in  full sentences to me, asking me questions, and she had just turned two! I was taken back to see what a neurotypical two year can do. Wow! The whole time I was in awe over her speech I couldn't help to think how adorable she was. I am often drawn to cute little girls. I would do anything if I had a little girl that was neurotypical who would be able to watch over the boys when I depart this world.....Anyway,  needless to say when Emily showed me the precious square Trenton drew, the tears came gushing down my face faster than any type VI rapid you can find in any river.

When we left therapy today I asked Trenton, "Do you want chicken nuggets?"
Trenton responded, "yes."
AMAZING!!!! Wow.....amazing! He answered me!!!!! I pray this phase continues. They come and go. Every time this phase comes I cherish it but I so hope and pray this phase sticks around for a while!

Here are some of the many ways Trenton has fallen asleep lately.

I love pictures of him sleeping. When he is asleep, he is away from his trials and tribulations from this world.

Mark 12:30

30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

I have lots more updates this week, especially on Andrew. However, it has been an extremely busy week and I am tired!

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