Monday, May 12, 2014

Andrew is 2 1/2

Andrew turned 2 1/2 yesterday. Where does time go? When he was 18 months old I thought I would have it made by the time he turned 2 years old. Then he turned two and it was obvious something was going on but I had hopes it was just a bad phase and he would by okay by 2 1/2. Now we are at 2 1/2 and he has mild autism. Life sure can take a wrong turn in the wrong direction fast.

At 2 1/2 years old Andrew loves:
  • The movie Cars...No he is obsessed and it controls his life!
  • He enjoys the movies Toy Story, Planes, Monster University
  • He loves to eat scrambled eggs, yogurt, strawberries, hamburgers, potato soup
  • His favorite snack is fruit roll ups, any kind of fruit, fruit snacks
  • He loves suckers!
  • He enjoys playing with all of his Cars figures and Planes figures.
  • He enjoys playing with his trucks and tractors
  • He loves this time of year because he can watch tractors in the field from our house!!!
  • He LOVES to take 4-wheeler rides. I think he would ride on one all day if he could.

I was trying to get Andrew to look at the camera and the pictures turned out like this.

 In order to get good pictures of the boys, I have to do something that captures their undivided attention. Something extremely silly....and if I do that...I can get cute pictures like these.....

 Here is Trenton at 2 1/2. I think they resemble each other!

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