Saturday, May 3, 2014

Andrew's OCD

A few weeks ago I posted how the boys differed in their motor delays. Another area where the boys differ in is their OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)
I have to say that Andrew is worse than Trenton in this area.
 The following are a few things that have to be done or Andrew goes into a full tantrum.
  • Before Andrew can eat breakfast, he has to sit with me in the rocking chair for either a few seconds or a few minutes. Majority of the time when he wakes up in the morning he will sit in the rocking chair with me. On a few occasions he will wake up and go straight to playing with his cars. However, if he plays with his cars up until the second I serve breakfast he will shout, "rock Mommy" and go straight to the rocking chair. I then have to sit down in the rocking chair and let him on my lap for a few seconds before he will eat breakfast. He will go straight into a tantrum and not eat breakfast until we sit together in the rocking chair.
  • Andrew will only take a bath if he can bring in a few of his cars figures. When he is done with his bath the cars figures have to stay in the bathtub until the next morning. If I try to get the figures out he will go into a tantrum. When he wakes up, he will go straight to the bath tub and make sure his cars figures are still there. At this time, he will take them out of the tub.
  • His bath has to have bubbles in it.
  • Andrew has a certain Cars cup that he will only drink a certain kind of juice out of. The very first time he drank from this cup he had a certain kind of juice. I have to have that juice in that cup every time or he goes into a tantrum. If I don't have the juice on hand....I hide the cup so he does not go into a tantrum.
  • I can not break Andrew's food. For example, if I give him a cookie, the cookie can not break or he goes into a full blown tantrum. If he is enjoying a Popsicle and a piece of the Popsicle breaks, Andrew gets extremely upset. He is this way with all of his food. His food can not break or crumble at all!!! It is a 50/50 guess if he will let you take a bite of his food. Sometimes it will send him over the edge and sometimes he can handle it. Normally, I don't take the risk!
  • If Andrew receives food in a bowl, it has to be his Cars bowl only.
  • Andrew will only change out of his pajamas in the morning after Trenton does. He has to see Trenton do this before he will.
  • Andrew has to see what he is wearing before I put it on him. Majority of the time, we have to talk about "the object:" that is on the clothing before he will put it on his body. For example, if his shirt has an airplane on it I will say, "Look Andrew your shirt has an airplane!!! Airplane!!! You are going to wear an airplane today." Sadly, I even have to do this with his diapers. If it is time to change his diaper and his diaper has a truck on it, I have to say over and over, "Dirty truck. Dirty Truck. Time for clean truck."
  • If Andrew really likes a certain activity, he will only do that activity with the person who taught him it.
Andrew has more OCD issues but the above are the ones that REALLY send him over the edge.

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