Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Carly's Voice

I have recommended the book, Carly's Voice numerous times on my blog. I just admire how this father portrays his family's story in this book. What this family went through is exactly what we go through every day. This book informs the reader of a great wife/husband relationship on how they stuck by each others side every minute of Carly's life, researched together, up during her sleepless nights together, and so forth.  In fact I am reading it for a second time right now. Carly reminds me so much of Trenton. I wanted to share a few short paragraph.

The first page he gives just one small example of his nights with Carly.

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  1. Loved this book. It seems like anymore books and media are about 'high functioning' asd. Gets really annoying they don't have more resources for our kids. I have started following a couple blogs on fb I like. Seems like their kids are kind of similar. I know all the kids are different but I would like more help on the nonverbal end of things.