Monday, May 5, 2014

Physical World

This world is what I call a "physical world." What I mean by that is that people have to physically see the disability or they just judge and/or don't believe you. I can't imagine anyone saying to a person in a wheelchair, "Get up and walk why don't you!"
No, of course we wouldn't say that. I am sure their parents had them in lots of physical therapy.
We can see with our own eyes that they are physically disabled.

 Do we scold a child with Down Syndrome when they can't learn past their 3rd grade education? No, of course we don't because we can tell through their wide set eyes and flat nose that they have down syndrome. We physically see that and we respect the fact that they have a disability. So why are parents with children with autism judged? BECAUSE YOU CAN'T PHYSICALLY SEE THEIR DISABILITY.  That is a shame. Trenton's wheelchair is on his brain. Andrew's wheelchair is on his brain.

The older Trenton gets, the more he is hitting himself. He starts this behavior around early afternoon. Why this time? By this time, he has had a lot of sensory input and he is trying to release. The below video is very tough to watch. This is exactly what I have to do with Trenton in the middle of the night and sometimes as early as the afternoon time. I hope, through therapies, that Trenton can go from severe autism to moderate autism. I really don't want to be doing to a 20 year old Trenton what this mom is doing to her teenage son. The sad thing is, I am doing it now. The even sadder part of this is that a year ago Trenton did not even do this. As Trenton gets older, his self injurious behavior is really starting to come out.

Here is another sad video. The way this man hits himself in the head with his fist is how Trenton does. Unfortunately, this is how Trenton acts when he is not in a structured setting on most days. The only difference is it looks different with a 3 1/2 year old doing it rather than a 20 year old man. Again, I pray through all of our hard work, that this behavior will diminish in the future.

When things are not so crazy and I am not sure when that will be.......but I will try to get the video camera out more. I think I am going to start putting more videos on here. They are hard to post but sometimes I think physically seeing it is better than words.

I have said this before several times and I will say it again, individuals with disabilities just may be the luckiest people in this world. They have automatic eternal life! I find comfort knowing that my boys will have eternal life. The rest of us  have a huge test before we can enter into the kingdom.

Mathew 18:4 Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven

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  1. I wish more people could understand that autism is a "spectrum" disorder!!!!! There is a TREMENDOUS difference in mild and severe autism. There is no way to educate people that don't wish to be educated, however!!!!!!! I love your quote by the way...."wheelchair on the brain"...that is so sad, but true!!!!!