Thursday, May 22, 2014

Updates from the week.

First and foremost, I want to announce that history was made last night at the Conrad household. Both boys slept!!! Can you believe it?!?!?!? I only had to get up one time to check on Andrew when I heard him crying and he ended up putting himself back to sleep. If only every night could be like that!! I will take it when I get it and I am very thankful for last night.

Trenton has had a rougher week than last. He has had several sad moments again this week. He will randomly start crying and can not stop for a very long time. He just keeps on crying. Children who have autism like Trenton does and who have the modulation problem like he does may have days where they process what happened 6 hours earlier...6 hours later. He may not have liked something that went on earlier but his body is just processing it hours later. Can you imagine? I can't! This explains why Trenton holds himself together in the mornings and then releases by mid-afternoon and evening. By mid-afternoon he is hitting himself in the head, hitting his legs, hitting anything he can gets his hands on, pacing up and down the length of our house, running all over the house and getting on top of every piece of furniture that he can, or crying until he can releases it all.

He has not tried to say as many words this week. However, at school he has verbalized what he wanted for breakfast after he was given two choices!

Three days this week he has shown me signs that he is happy to see me! On Monday when I picked him up from school he ran to me when he saw me. On Tuesday he gave me a happy look. On Thursdays Ms. Jenny brings him to me in the parking lot because I have Andrew with me and it would be nothing short of a pure disaster trying to manage Andrew while picking up Trenton. When Trenton noticed that I was not where I normally am to pick him up, he started crying. When he saw me in the parking lot, he was happy to see me!

I have mentioned numerous times how Trenton can not tolerate anything foreign on his skin. This past Sunday night was another reminder of how bad a situation can turn with Trenton when he can not comprehend what is going on and when foreign things appear on his skin. I wonder what would happen if something major happened to Trenton since he reacts like he did Sunday to a small cut. Needless to say early Sunday evening he cut his little finger. Of course I do what most moms do even though I know it won't go over well which is put a band aid on his finger. A band aid on his finger sent him over the edge. He ripped it off while screaming louder than any high pitched opera singer you can find. Once the band aid was off and he saw the blood coming from his finger it was all down hill from that point. He was in a panic stricken way for the next three hours until he fell asleep. I was in a no win situation......he couldn't handle the band aid and he couldn't handle seeing blood on his body. I tried my best to apply pressure and stop the bleeding but that is easier said than done when you are trying to man handle a very strong boy with autism that had adrenaline pumping through his body stronger than any adrenaline rush junkie you can find.  To go without saying, I was glad when he was asleep and the situation was over.

This week has been a little hard on Andrew as well. He is adjusting to ST and OT on Wednesdays and Thursday for the most part. He made a very ugly scene at therapy on Wednesday. A scene that I am quite use to having with Trenton. Andrew is harder than Trenton to transition and on some days it is very difficult for him to relax after a situation has upset him.  He simply can't let a situation go. He got upset in OT and caused a scene that left a lot to be desired. He was on the ground squirming his body, resisting everything that Emily and I were doing to help, crying, yelling, and hitting. At one point during the autistic tantrum he took his car and threw it harder than I have ever seen him throw anything. He missed hitting a gentleman in the head by what seemed like only centimeters away. Of course I got the look from him that said, "Can't you control your child lady?" I gave my normal, "I am so sorry sir." sentence while flashing him my nervous smile. What I really wanted to say was, "Don't you dare give me that look sir and don't you dare say a word to me.  I do not live any type of normal life raising my two children so needless to say my fuse is short these days. I know you are thinking that I have an unruly child that I need to discipline more but let me ask you one thing. Would you ever give that look to a child in a wheelchair or his/her mother? No probably not! My child has no control of his brain because it has been taken over by autism. AUTISM! He has no control on how his brain lets him handle situations. A simply spanking or time out does not work. If it did work then my child wouldn't have autism!"
Instead of saying that, I quickly left carrying out a child in the middle of an uncontrollable autistic tantrum.

Andrew has quoted a lot of learned speech this week. Actually, I think his learned speech has been worse than normal. I think sometimes he is verbally stimming. For instance randomly tonight he said, "Mommy, Daddy, Lincoln, Uncle Brian, Aunt Mindy, Nana house." I tried to ask him why he was naming off people and I received no response and no look from him.
He will randomly walk around the house saying, "all done 4 wheeler ride. Pop's tractor." He has not seen Pops on his tractor in a long time and no 4 wheeler ride but he has learned to say this so he just says it.
This morning on the way to therapy he started saying, "time to work." This is what Jill tells him during therapy when he gets off track. He knew he was going to therapy so he started saying what he is told in therapy.

Emily, the OT, confirmed that Andrew has some sensory problems that are similar to Trenton's. I was afraid of this. I knew in my gut he did but I was trying to deny them until I was told. All I can say poor babies!

Andrew has done a lot of lining up things lately. Trenton is out of that phase for the moment. It always comes back but right now it is just Andrew.

So cute sleeping!

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