Friday, May 30, 2014

We continue to survive!

This week has had its ups and downs like always.

Trenton had his last day of school this week. Therefore, we are adjusting to a new schedule which is very hard for him. Trenton spent a very large part of  Wednesday, Thursday, and today crying. His crying is getting much worse and his mood disorder is really getting worse. He can't communicate at all why he is crying to me. I can not even begin to express what it is like watching your almost 4 year old just walk around crying all the time. I have no idea why he is crying which is emotionally draining on me.  He could be crying because something hurts....or that he can't communicate to me and knows it.....or he is just processing something that happened earlier in the day that hurt his feelings....etc. etc. Last night he cried and fussed for consecutive hours!!! I had to give him two car rides yesterday and a car ride to calm him down at night to go to sleep.
He cried during one of his therapy sessions this week. He cried and made his upset noises all the way home from therapy almost every day this week. It is constant. It is very comparable to listening to a colic newborn baby.

However, he did do well in a lot of his therapy sessions this week. He is getting really good at repeating back " I want" during his sessions. He still continues to be good at repeating back "yes". Other than that, he is mute when it comes to verbal spontaneous speech. It takes lots and lots of prompting at home to get him to repeat back a word on most days. There are those random moments when you might hear a word and I love them when they happen!!

Andrew has definitely had some rough patches this week. I listened to one of his speech sessions and almost everything is just repeated words or phrases. He did not use to do this so much. His learned speech and repeat speech is really bad. It is really sad and disheartening to listen to him just walk around our house saying..."bye bye" when no one has left....or "all done home" when we haven't left....or " all done 4-wheeler ride" when he hasn't even taken a ride...his language is all learned phrases. He can not verbalize spontaneous speech.
With that said, it makes our days very chaotic when Trenton is completely non-verbal with very, very limited ways to communicate and Andrew is unable to express what he wants because all he knows is learned speech. Therefore, many moments are spent with two crying kids who are unable to calm down because their bodies won't let me. Of course I have good reason to pull my hair out each day:)

Here are the boys on Tuesday which was Trenton's last day of school.

 Here they are on the way home from therapy on Thursday. Thursday was our first attempt with only Mommy taking both of the boys by myself to therapy at the same time. We survived and did really well. The key is to get Andrew out first because he wants held, then I get Trenton out with a death grip on his hand.

The boys get a reward from Mommy for working hard in therapy each day. Andrew received his reward for working hard by eating a glazed doughnut. He loves glazed donuts and he TOTALLY expects one every day after therapy. In fact, he starts saying "doughnut" on the way to therapy because he knows that is his reward.


 Trenton's big item this week was some of his favorite DVDs. They went every where with him.  It's really sad if you think about. A child who likes to just carry around DVDs. His items of  the day or items of the week just make him feel more comfortable.
 We found a nice playground that is almost autism friendly in Effingham. I let him play on it some days after therapy for a few minutes before we head home.
 What I mean by autism friendly playgrounds is this.....if a nice big playground has open spots in it...Trenton and Andrew try to jump off or they would just simply walk off the piece of equipment and either hurt themselves or kill themselves. Going to a park and trusting your child on the play equipment is not even possible with autism. Autism knows no danger and their brain does not let them think about danger and what could hurt them.

Nana and Pop bought the boys a pool this summer. Trenton loves it and Andrew is not so sure of it yet. If he gets in the water, he wants held and will not get down by himself.

 I loved this moment... he was looking right at me smiling.


  1. Always here Angie, reading your blog, thinking of you, and praying for your family. You will never find judgement here. :)

  2. Two beautiful pictures of both boys smiling! Praying for your family!