Monday, June 30, 2014

Doctor Appointment

Trenton had a check up with Dr. Twyman in Saint Louis today. It seems like lately he has had one disastrous event after another. Today was just another day to add to his list.
 Trenton had a TERRIBLE night last night which lead him to sleep for a very short bit on the drive over today.  In fact it was the first night in a long time where I had both boys up at the same time.
Once we arrived at Cardinal Glennon he had to get blood work the first thing. Trenton was calm walking up to the hospital but once we stepped our first step into the hospital his anxiety took over and it was all downhill. He was panic stricken and could not stop crying until we left the hospital. Of course, there is always a wait but I came prepared this time! I had a new toy for him and he loved it. It calmed him down for a few minutes while we were waiting. He still cried but it was a calm cry.

When his name was called back I had to conduct that "tough love" that I have to do almost daily and hold him down. The nurse that was taking his blood was amazed at how strong he was for an almost 4 year old. In fact she said he was one of the strongest kids with autism that she has seen.

Once his blood was drawn we left the hospital and went to Dr. Twyman's office. As you guessed, he had anxiety again and cried almost the entire time. The visit with her focused on his anxiety problems. She agreed that his hyperactivity and impulsive behavior comes from his huge sensory and anxiety problems. She prescribed a new medicine in hopes that it will help his anxiety. Nothing has helped him yet so we have to be getting closer to the right medicine to help my poor child, right? 

Playing with his new toy at Dr. Twymans's office.

And it had to be one of the hottest days of the summer too. By the time Trenton and I were on our way home I felt like a sweaty, mentally and physically exhausted special needs mom who had no choice other than to be the energizer bunny.

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  1. Going to the doctor is a hard thing, especially for children. They suffer a lot and you suffer for them. It's never easy!