Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ear Infection

Roughly 8-9 days ago Trenton woke up with a lot of eye discharge. I originally thought it was because he had hurt his eye the night before in a tantrum. I have kept a close watch on it and his eyes simply were not getting any better. The eye discharge was at its worst in the morning. On a few occasions the discharge was so bad his eyes were glued shut when he tried to wake up which resulted in a tantrum. I called the doctor a day or two ago and they said Trenton should be seen since he was still having discharge every morning. We went to the doctor today and Trenton has an ear infection. When the doctor said that his left ear had an infection I just wanted to cry. How terrible is that. Trenton has had an ear infection for 8 days and was unable to tell me. It makes me cry just thinking of being him and living in a body where I was unable to tell or express to my mom that my ear hurt. On the other hand I wonder how his sensory processing disorder plays a role in his. He feels his body differently than we do. The way his body feels pain is different than the way we do.
Then I kept thinking about all the children out there with autism that have parents that do not care like I do.......that don't try to understand their child....what do those poor children do?!?!? Walk around with an ear infection their whole life? or walk around until it lands them in the ER? It for sure takes a very patient person and loyal person to put every minute into understanding and figuring out their child. They have a soul and they know their is just trapped in a body that does not allow them to express themselves.

My almost 4 year old is too strong for me to hold down and prop his mouth open. I was unable to get any medicine down him today. Trying to get medicine involved me sitting on top of him and holding him down. Basically it is being mean to your own child but I have to. I simply have to. Nothing is easy. There is a lot of tough love when it comes to autism.
 Looks like I am calling the doctor tomorrow and requesting a shot for his medicine.

Here he is dancing in front of the mirror at the doctor.

He had a few minutes of shut eye today in the car and it was literally a few minutes only. It was a very rough day to be truthful. Trenton's body was moving at rapid speeds all day long today. He did not handle the doctor visit very well either. After being up from 5:00 in the morning and getting the three of us ready and meeting all of our therapy appointments and doctor visit...well...I was exhausted like always.

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