Saturday, June 7, 2014

First Cavity-Not A Pleasant Experience

Trenton got his first cavity filled on Thursday. There is nothing that can describe that appointment. The only thing that I can ask is this....Have you ever watched a horror movie where someone is chained down and they are getting tortured? That is what Trenton's dental appointment was like. Three people holding him down and one of those was me. HIS MOTHER! UGH! Tough love. Trenton's body was twisting and drenched in sweat in a matter of seconds. It sounded like he was getting brutally murdered. The autistic adrenaline was stronger than three people. He walked away with a busted lip and a cut on his upper lip. I literally can not go into details.

Children with autism who have sensory processing disorder, such as Trenton, have extreme difficulties with oral health care. A simple tooth brush going across their teeth can feel like a sharp knife cutting their teeth. Therefore, it makes me sick to my stomach just thinking what it must have felt like having a loud drill going into his tooth. When it was all done, the dentist said, "Next time I think we should talk about putting him to sleep." Mommy said, "I totally agree. I can't do that again and I am not putting him through that again."

Trenton and Mommy both walked out in tears. We both were traumatize for the rest of the day. I still can't get that moment out of my head.

Andrew and Nana came along for the ride. Andrew enjoyed playing in the dental office with Trenton before the rest of the day went downhill.

A few other pictures from the past few days.

Andrew still loves to line up toys.
 Trenton loves to climb!

The boys had ice cream.

Andrew took a nap while out and about with Mommy, Nana, and Trenton. It was a very short nap.

This is the tiny little scratch that sent Andrew over the edge the other day. He is getting just like Trenton where he can't tolerate foreign things on his skin....MY POOR BOYS!


  1. The first experience is always the most memorable. It was just too bad that it didn’t turn out to be a sweet memory because of his first cavity fill. But on the brighter side of things, your dentist was able to apply the necessary treatment, so his teeth would stay in good condition. I hope that particular visit didn't scare him too much!

    Weston Wadlington @ Peak Family Dentistry

  2. I cannot begin to imagine what that appointment was like for your son, but I am happy that he was able to get through it and have his cavity filled! I'm sure that the more often he goes to the dentist, the more used to the experience he will become and the better able to care for his teeth he will be.

    Milton Wilson @ A+ Family Dentistry