Thursday, June 19, 2014

I want

We have been very busy the last few days in therapy...which is a good thing! My days are so busy crazy on Wednesday and Thursday that I am lucky if I make it to therapy with myself put together. Normally, Mommy is up by 5 AM no matter how much sleep I got so I can get myself ready in peace and quiet. Once I am ready then it is usually time for the first boy to be up....then the second....then Mommy running around like crazy getting everything ready for  the day......then Mommy and boys are out the door smiling on the way to therapy.
Trenton and Andrew have done excellent in therapy this week. It was hard to hold back the tears on Wednesday listening to Trenton's speech session. It was awesome!

Jill put together a speech book for Andrew. It is designed to help promote him to use "I want" before he says the object that he wants. Andrew picked up right away on this. All I have to do at home is open up the speech folder and he will point to the picture while saying, " I want ____"

On the left side of the folder the pictures are asking..." Do you want to?"
Andrew is given two choices.
On the right side of the folder, the pictures say "I want to".
Andrew picks out what he wants to do and then he repeats the full sentence.

 Here is a picture of the folder..
 Now, Trenton picked up on this right away during his speech session on Wednesday. I forced my body to hold back the tears when I would hear Trenton say, "I want" before he would choose what he wanted to do. Trenton's voice is so beautiful! God created such a beautiful voice in him. Honestly, if it wasn't for the boys disability, I would have taken the ability to talk for granted. I am a much better person now and I give thanks to God for things I probably never would have if it wasn't for my boys!

During any quiet time lately... which is very rare...I am working on a different picture exchange system for the boys. They understand the one on the iPad but I am experimenting and seeing if they will pick up on this new way better. I actually believe Andrew picks up on this one a lot better than the iPad version. I am not finished and have not implemented it in full yet but here is a sneak peek..

The boys schedules for the day will look like this...
 Andrew does a lot better transitioning when he sees a schedule for the day.

The schedules will be on their bedroom doors. Their bedroom doors will look like this from now on...

A nap's somewhat of a rare moment to have him nap during the day.

I have lots more on therapy this week but I can't keep my eyes open any be continued...

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