Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Trenton got a little cut on his knee a week ago. It has scabbed over like most small cuts do. He has moments when he notices it and it sends him into a frenzy. Last night was one of these moments. He cried for close to one hour over his small scab on his knee. I changed him from his shorts to long pants but that did not help. He would raise the pant leg and cry and wave at me and take my hand and put it to his knee. This is his way of telling me to take the cut away. Obviously I can't do that. He eventually took his blankets and wrapped his knee up and cried himself to sleep. It was very sad to watch him so upset over a foreign object on his skin. Some children with autism  can not tolerate anything on their skin other than the way their skin looked on the day they were born. It was a sad moment to witness last night.

He is relaxing after being upset for so long. He still has his blanket covering his scab in the picture.

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