Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Good Week!

The boys are having a good week! They both appear to be in a good phase right now which I love and cherish each moment of our good phases. Don't get me wrong, its not all smiles but we sure are having some good moments.
For example, I did the sign language and said, " I love you" to Trenton today. He looked me right in my eyes, smiled, and did the sign language back and said, "I love". Do you know how HAPPY this made me feel!!!! It was amazing! God is good to provide Trenton and I with these moments!

Yesterday, Trenton brought me a DVD and said, "watch". WOW!! I don't know how many times I have tried to get him to say it and he did it once yesterday! He didn't today and may not again for a long time...unfortunately that is the way Trenton's autism is.

Andrew is having a great week too! The past few days Andrew's eye contact has been really good. I received by far the best greeting from him yesterday. I walked into Nana's house to pick him up and he ran full speed to me with a huge smile saying "Mommy Mommy". As you can imagine, my heart melted. Andrew's overall behaviors are really good this week.

As of right now, the boys are both sleeping well. For the past three weeks, Trenton has one bad night a week where he does not sleep. Other than that he is sleeping a good consecutive 7 hours at a time.( I don't get 7 consecutive hours. I wish! While managing Andrew in the night, I am managing 3 consecutive hours with a few other 30 minutes here and there in the night)

Andrew wakes up every night fussing and crying "Mommy" three times a night. However, Mommy gets up with him and cuddles him back to sleep.

All of these good moments make the crazy moments worth it. Such as Mommy being up since 3 AM  and getting both boys fed, dressed, everything packed for the day, and out the door by 7:40 while trying to manage to get myself ready too. In most cases a mom getting herself and her two sons ready by herself may not be that bad. However, when one is non-verbal and the other one has majority echolalia speech, both have trouble transitioning, and managing the normal autistic makes it a lot more difficult! However, I take pride in my boys and we manage to do great over all while showing up at therapy with smiles on our faces!

Trenton could not leave speech therapy today without taking a toy.

Andrew had his doughnut after therapy like always:)

More on how therapy is going at a later post...I need to get to bed!

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