Saturday, June 21, 2014


Our therapy was a little different on Thursday. The boys ST & OT worked together during their therapy session. Therefore, while one boy was in therapy I had the other boy to entertain for 45 minutes. Sitting in the waiting room waiting with one boy is not possible. I can't even fathom what that 45 minute wait would be like with Trenton.
The first boy to go back was Trenton. Trenton did not have a good Thursday. He cried from the time he woke up to the time therapy started. The whole entire 30 minute drive to therapy was very nerve ending. VERY! I could not do anything to please him. The therapist met me at my van to pick up Trenton because if I even tried to take both boys out of the van into therapy and turn around and leave with  would have been a nightmare. Andrew would fuss and cry wondering why he wasn't staying for therapy. A parent always has to think ahead with children on the spectrum. Therefore, one of the therapist met me at my van and took Trenton in. He cried the whole time walking into the building. She said he finally settled down and had a good session.

While Trenton was in therapy, Andrew and I went to the local park which is right down the road.

Andrew and I drove back to therapy. I dropped off Andrew and picked up Trenton.

I would have loved to have taken Trenton to the same park but that would have been like a scene from Forrest Gump where Forrest just kept running and running. All Trenton would have wanted to do was run and run and run into danger.  He would have played for a few seconds and than he would just want to run away. The park was right next to a busy road and the public pool. I know my child better than anyone and it would have caused a meltdown because he would have just wanted to run away.....and keep running. Therefore, Trenton and I went  to Burger King to their indoor play area. The scene we caused in Burger King left my face dripping in sweat and I am sure if it was noticeable you could have seen the biggest sweat pits on a woman ever:)
To say the least, Trenton was not happy from the time we pulled out of therapy parking lot. He had five play doh containers that were his comfort items of the day but they only caused more havoc. He had to carry all 5 containers at the same time. Every time he would drop one he shot out a horrible ear piercing scream and it would make him cry even harder thane he was before. The sad thing....I think he dropped his play doh over 30 times that morning and it was pure devastating to him.
Trenton could have cared less about the cool slide in Burger King. Instead he just wanted to sit in the play area and hold his 5 play doh containers and cry. CRY CRY CRY! Every time I would try to redirect him and leave he dropped to the ground in a meltdown. I wish I would have had our time at Burger King taped so everyone could see what it is like trying to take a child with autism to a very small restaurant when he is having a bad day.
At one time, a woman looked at me and shook her head and said, "You have your hands full." The way she said it and the way she looked at Trenton....I could tell she was clueless to autism and probably thought I was just a bad parent.

Sometimes I think my mom is so in tuned into my life with autism she knows when I am having trouble. She texted me all morning up to the time she had to stop texting and take her state boards. She was more worried about me than her test.

Just sitting in the play area looking at his play doh and crying.
 On the way to ABA after ST & OT, he cried so much he put himself to sleep. When he was ready to go to sleep, he took his blanket and placed it over his head and took a nice 30 minute nap


His items continue to be his Brainy Baby books. He takes them everywhere. They have went with us to therapy every day for the last month! He loves to line them up and look at them.

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