Friday, July 18, 2014

A shot...again

It's been a busy day. Busy days are more difficult after really bad nights like last night. However, we survived our full day of therapy. However, Trenton's day did not stop after therapy. He had a doctor appointment for a rash. It turned out he has a yeast infection and an ear infection. As always, it makes my stomach long has he had an ear infection and I didn't know?!?!?!? I can't even begin to describe how difficult it is to try to figure out what is wrong every minute of your child's life when they can't communicate. A good friend of mine came and spent some time with me on Monday. Her eyes were open to what life is like all day with two boys on the spectrum. Right before she left, she shook her head and asked, "How do you do this everyday?"

  Anyway, all of  this meant we had to go to the hospital for a shot. Trenton already cried for 50 minutes straight at the doctor office. ( Watching an almost 4 year old stand and cry for that long is very disheartening.) It was brutal. He cried for so long he had red blotches all over his face. Sadly, it didn't stop at the doctor office because we had to go to the hospital. To say the least, he did a lot of crying there too. In spite of that, we had the best nurse ever. Seriously! Right before they were ready to give Trenton his shot, the lady giving the shot asked very politely, "Am I going to need a lot of people to hold him down?"
I said with a sigh, "Normally, everyone makes me hold him and someone else helps me while the other person does the shot or exam."
At the same time I said this, a nurse walked in and greeted me with the most heartwarming smile I had received in a long time.
"Oh no." She says. "You are not holding your own child down. He needs you to be his comfort when it is done. I am not going to let you help. I will hold him down, I am strong enough."
I just smiled and teared up.
The nurses got to it and gave him his shot. Trenton ran to me for comfort. I looked at the nurse with tears in my eyes and said, "No one has ever been that nice to us. Everyone is afraid of him so they have me hold him down with assistance from others. We have been in and out of hospitals from here to Saint Louis and no one has ever been that nice to us.'
The nurse was totally shocked when I told her this. In fact I made her cry.
Sadly, it is true. Every time I have just wanted to be his comfort when it was over and not the person holding him down with the most force. This nurse, whom ever she was, was the nicest anyone has ever treated me and most importantly, Trenton.

The mirror can normally make him stop crying for awhile....that didn't even work today.
He cried in front of it while holding his Kindle.
There have been several times when I have been up for 24 plus hours at a time. I hate to say.....but tonight is one of those nights. I have been up since 1:15 AM this morning and it is 11:15 PM and Trenton has already been to bed and up by 9:30. It appears he is not going to be anytime soon either...UGH!
Around 9:30 this evening it was an ugly scene....two boys with autism having tantrums and both wanting Mommy. Needless to say, I needed help.....Andrew is sleeping at Nanas again tonight.

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