Monday, July 7, 2014

Andrew's Issues & Trenton's Triumphs!

As always, autism is two steps forward and five back. Andrew has taken a few steps back the past few days. Just when I was starting to feel a little better about him he went spiraling downhill. He has recently started to dart away while outside. He was fairly good to stay close by but he has proven that if he gets something on his mind and can't get it off...he will just take off. He doesn't care if no one is by him either. For example, this morning while playing outside with his cousin, Lincoln, he didn't pay attention to Lincoln at all. All Andrew had on his mind was to run away. In general, Andrew's focus on other children seems to be less than it was 6 months ago.

Andrew also had a very difficult Sunday morning. Andrew has always had a harder time than Trenton with transitioning off of the normal schedule. This past Sunday, Andrew's Sunday School class was combined with Trenton's class. I am the Sunday School teacher for Trenton's age. Therefore, I had both of my kids in class. Let's just say that Andrew did not like being in a different class. He cried, screamed and could not get off of his mind the fact that he was in a different class. He did not pay attention to any of the kids in the classroom. He had the autistic meltdown look going on in his eyes that I have seen in Trenton countless times.  My mom stepped into the class because everyone in the whole building could hear Andrew's meltdown. Trenton could not filter out Andrew's cries, therefore, he got upset and wanted away from Andrew. My parents took both boys out of the class for me and they battled their issues while I finished the class. When Sunday School was over it was time for worship and Andrew could not calm down. He simply had a bad day. Therefore, we left church other choice.

It did not surprise me that Andrew could not calm down on Sunday. The last few days his OCD has been bad and he has not been able to "let go" of issues very easily.

Andrew has been extremely sensitive to water again. He will sit in the bathtub but screams if water splashes on his skin. He screams if I try to wash him. He will stand in the pool but does not like it if water is splashed on him in the pool. He is getting to where he wants to be held all the time again and won't walk on his own unless something is on his mind and then he will just take off in a dead run.

Andrew has to be constantly engaged with or he has no clue what to do....just like Trenton.

On the flip side, Trenton is still having some fantastic eye contact. It's been great for over a week now. I would estimate him looking me in the eye around ten times a day lately. AND I SEE HIM!!!  It's not a blank look...I SEE TRENTON!!!! AND IT FEELS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have been practicing I LOVE YOU again. Sometimes I will say "I Love" and Trenton will look right at me, grin, and say "You". Nothing...nothing can tell you how great that feels!
I am fairly confident I heard him spontaneously say, "Mommy" the other night. I know he did. I heard his steps behind me and a quiet voice say something that sounded like "Mommy". I just pray his good phase keeps up because I am loving it and I know Trenton is too!!!!!!!!

Trenton's best accomplishment the past few days happened today. When given three choices for breakfast on his choice board which looked like this..

He looked at me and said "waffle." I fixed him a waffle and he ate the whole thing!!! Way to go Trenton!!

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