Sunday, July 27, 2014

Chuck E Cheese

The only thing I tried after our dentist appointment was Chuck E Cheese. IT WAS A DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trenton was in sensory overload. Andrew didn't like it. I think he was in sensory overload as we left rather quickly. Trenton ran from ride to ride going 100 mph. He would sit on a ride, put in the coin, ride the ride for ten seconds, and try to get off. Therefore, I was left trying to force him to stay on the ride until it stopped so he wouldn't get hurt or get him off the ride. Most of the time I took him off the ride and the second I put his feet on the ground, he we went running full speed ahead. There was no looking around at anything. Eyes had to be on him or he would have gotten away like he did on the 4th. It took two people to tag team Trenton while one person took care of Andrew. Andrew was not going to run away because he was a little scared.

I took a few pictures of Trenton on a few rides but the pictures give a totally different story.

 Trenton liked how the steam came out of this ride. However, he didn't stay on this ride any longer than the rest. Nevertheless, it was the only few seconds that I saw a smile!


 Andrew did not even make one complete turn on this small ride. He did NOT like Chuck E Cheese.

Once again, this experience was not relaxing or enjoyable. We were only in the place for a very short time. Its just a reminder of how our family can't do anything. I really really wonder what it would be like to relax and watch your children play and enjoy themselves???

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