Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trenton's Assessment from Harsha

We are slowly getting closer to our start date at Harsha Cognitive Center. Unfortunately, the process is taking so long because of insurance. Insurance dictates everything. .....which is such a shame! Anyway, I did receive Trenton's treatment plan along with their summary from Trenton's evaluation.

A prelininary VB-MAPP (Verbal Behavior- Milestone Assessment and Placement Program) was completed on Trenton.  On the milestones assessment Trenton had an overall score of 26.5. This means he is primarily a level one learner with some skills in level 2 and 3. Level one is for 0-18 months old......depressing! DEPRESSING!!!

Trenton demonstrated strong skills in level 1 with tact, visual perception, and independent play. He was able to say letters, colors, and games with some prompting. He was noted to have several prompted words. While these skills were strong, he did not demonstrate any skills in level 1 listener response or imitation. When attempts were made to assess these areas, Trenton would not respond to the speaker or would walk away. Trenton demonstrated emerging tact, play and linguistic skills in level 2 and independent play and reading skills in level 3.

Trenton scored 61/72 on the VB-MAPP barriers assessment indicating he still has substantial barriers to being able to communicate and interact with others effectively. The score that Trenton needed to score was a 0. Again....DEPRESSING!

The results also showed that Trenton has huge deficits that require mastery for functional living. A few examples are tolerating situations related to safety and health, following directions for safety, completing daily living skills such as potty training, etc.

This tells me that he needs WAY more help than he is getting. Unfortunately, it means a lot more money is going to have to go out our pocket for Trenton. How can we afford it? We can't! But how can we not afford it when it means his future?? Many families who have a child like Trenton end up taking out a second way or the other...we will afford it! He will be 4 years old in August but has the mind capacity of a 0-18 month old....but has the speed of an Olympic runner...... and is getting harder to handle by the week because he needs a lot more help than he has been receiving. We will afford it! As Trenton gets older, a lot of things are getting harder. Just stop and think about how your 0-18 month old child is? They can't do hardly anything for themselves. That is Trenton but as he gets older, his body is growing and getting stronger but his mind is not.

I wish every school district in every town across America could offer children with autism what Harsha is going to offer Trenton. How can any child with autism get anything out of school if they are a level 1 learner? One has to start at the bottom and work up. Sometimes it takes many years of working at the bottom. With or without disabilities everyone learns at their own pace.

In a CPDU class that I took on autism one time, the speaker said, "Unless you achieve mastering joint attention with an autistic person...then you are not helping the child at all." So true! Trenton's assessment says it all....a level 1 learner does not display joint attention. We have to achieve this before a regualar school district classroom is possible. I pray in the next two years, Trenton can master achieving joint attention along with many other areas, so he can be successful in school.

I have a good feeling about Harsha and I think it  will the best thing for Trenton by far!

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