Thursday, July 3, 2014


Both boys had a great week in therapy! At the end of Trenton's OT session today he leaned forward and kissed his therapist. She was very thrilled. She said it was the highlight of her week!

Trenton has worked very hard with using "I want" in his therapies and at home. We can get him to say "I want" almost every time that he wants something with a verbal prompt! This is very exciting!!!!! The past few days he has said, "I want" without a verbal prompt. Yesterday when we were driving to therapy I hear in a sweet voice say behind me, " I. want. juice." To say the least.....Mommy was jumping up and down in her drivers seat celebrating! I hope and pray that this sticks with him and that he will continue to use "I want". When he first learned to say "yes", he over used the word  for everything.  He would say "yes" appropriately but he would also say "yes" at inappropriate times. Now I can not get him to use "yes". This is not unusual for some kids on the spectrum. This is why I hope and pray with all of my might that he will not let go of " I want" even if it is always with verbal prompts.

When you have children with autism, every moment has to be a learning experience. In other words, there is NO relaxing. It is always work but it simply has to be that way if you want your child to be able to be the best they can be.  For instance, if I never made Trenton say "I want" then he never would. When he moves on to his next big thing with expressive language we will have to add that and still work on "I want" and still make him use "yes" at appropriate times......and it has to be every interaction with him or he will lose it over time. Nothing comes natural. It is very hard for Trenton's brain to know what to do without intensive therapy 24/7 Nothing is easy for children on the spectrum, especially at Trenton's severity level. I understand now why many families who have children with autism that are similar to Trenton hire 24/7 nannies. I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND!

In therapy today Trenton worked hard on making horizontal lines.

The therapist made a horizontal line with a highlighter that was connected by a green and red dot. Trenton then had to start making his lines from the green dot when the therapist said "go". He stopped on the red dot when she said "stop". I think he did fantastic!!!!!!!

All of his ABA sessions were great! He worked hard for both Alicia and Heather!
Heather is going to start working with both Trenton and Andrew at the same time one day a week. They will be working on sharing and getting along. Their first session was great!! I was very shocked at how well it went. We will see how the next session goes next week:)

Andrew is doing great too. He is getting much better at using some " learned spontaneous" speech. Andrew is getting very good at learning what is said at certain times. The next time he is in the same situation or wants the  same thing he will say the exact same line that he had learned. In other words, his language appears to be spontaneous but it is learned  and scripted majority of the time. We are far from him walking up to us and saying, "What are you doing Mommy?" or "What are we doing today Mom." or just anything remotely close to that. If he wants to go outside, he will say "play outside".

Andrew is doing great with his schedule. He transitions much better for diaper changes, teeth brushing, and putting on clothes when using his schedule correctly. In case you forgot, his schedule looks like this....

Andrew has a much harder time with schedules than Trenton. However, he is getting better thanks to this schedule.

Besides therapies this week, Trenton went to the doctor. His ear had been bothering him again. This time it was the other ear. (He had an ear infection 3 weeks ago in his left ear). This time it is "swimmers" ear in his right ear. He is getting ear drops in his ear which is hard to get down him. Due to his sensory problems, he can't tolerate it but I just have to be mean, hold him down, and drop the drops in his ear while he kicks, screams, and cries.

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