Thursday, July 24, 2014

What it is like to have Aspergers

The video that I have attached at the bottom does an excellent job at describing what high functioning autism individuals, formerly known as Aspergers,can feel like. It's horrific! So just think what Trenton with severe autism feels like. Think what Andrew with his type of autism feels like. The doctor who diagnosed Andrew clarified that Andrew was not Aspergers, his autism was more complex.

 A lot of this video reminds me of both of my boys. The one that really stood out was how water feels on their skin. For one, Andrew hates water being splashed on his skin, especially his face! If it feels like hail hitting his! Sickens me as a parent. I will do everything to make sure he does not have to feel this.  In fact, this  past week he has cried a lot while being in the pool and sometimes his tears came from being squirted in the face with water. If it felt like hail, I don't blame him for crying.  Andrew's behaviors are changing for the worse lately. It makes my grief, sorrow, and stress magnified to a much higher level than it has been in a long time.
On some days I have had about all I can take of the people who think my kids just need to "toughen up". Many, including some close to us, think this of Andrew. I hope this video opens up your eyes a little.

As time ticks on, the boys are growing a much larger gap between children their age and themselves. It makes everything harder. It is easy for them to blend in while they are young. Trenton does not blend in anymore. Andrew still blends in but a year from now he won't unless he makes HUGE gains in the next year. I have seen a big difference between him and his cousin, Lincoln the past few weeks. Over all, Andrew is displaying much more difficult behavior than a year ago. It scares me! (Just a reminder that I don't "sugar coat" anything. I don't hide anything. I tell it like it is! This blog is all truthful facts of what life is like with these boys. )

I hope you take time to watch the video. Also, a reminder that if you have Netflix, take time to watch Sounding the Alarm. It will be an eye opener for many of you. Not for me...but for many of you.

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