Friday, August 1, 2014


Lately, Andrew is really obsessed with a Baby Genius DVD that has a Vinko the dancing bear and DJ, the dinosaur. Therefore, he has taken a liking to Trenton's bear and dinosaur stuffed animals. The other night he went to bed with them.

He eats breakfast with them and feeds them his eggs.

Andrew continues to line up his toys ALL THE TIME!! He will play by himself sometimes but for the most part he has to be totally engaged with someone else to play with toys appropriately. Andrew's interest in toys does not go beyond cars, trucks, and tractors.

Trenton REALLY doesn't play with toys... I have no idea what its like to have kids play with toys.....and not pick up toys and toss them here....and move them here.....and then fuss to go somewhere because they have no idea how to play with toys. Hence, why children with autism need to be in a structured environment for most of the day.

Andrew reminded me so much of Trenton in the below picutre. Andrew lined up his DVDs and was swaying back and forth.
Andrew's lines

Andrew has repeated alot of learned language this week. For instance, almost daily I hear him say, "Over here Lincoln." He hasn't seen Lincoln hardly at all this week. Its a sentence that he has heard someone say and he vocalizes by saying alot of learned language. However, he did spontaneous say "loud" the other day when something was loud.
Jill, our ST, said he did some better with using yes/no in his therapy sessions this week! He hasn't yet at home but I pray he will!

Andrew had one really bad night this week of sleep. He reminded me so much of Trenton. I was up with him for 2 1/2 hours and he was wide awake. Thank goodness that only happened once this week. The other nights was his usual waking up and crying for me. I cuddled him back to sleep every time.

Andrew and Mommy's selfie!

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