Sunday, August 31, 2014


When I picked Trenton up from Harsha on Friday it was pouring! The rain was pounding down on the ground from the sky. The waiting area is all glass so when Trenton was brought out to me he couldn't wait to get outside. Trenton loves to walk in the rain. After I was done talking to his coaches, it was still pouring. I had two choices. First choice, to sit inside and wait til the rain let up to walk to the van. Or, second choice, to enjoy the moment and walk in the pouring down rain to the van knowing what joy it would bring to Trenton. Well.....what do you think I did????  Of course......I enjoyed the moment and we went out in the rain!!!!!!! I was drenched all the way down to my underwear for our ride home but it was well worth the huge smile and pure joy he had on his face the whole entire walk to our van! Loved that moment!!

Our selfie after the rain!

Trenton did a super awesome thing on Friday during his social play time at Harsha. From what I understand, another boy asked him to jump in the trampoline with him. Trenton did!!! He jumped in the trampoline with another boy and they "talked" and laughed the whole time. Hearing that melted my heart to say the least!

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