Saturday, August 9, 2014

Full Moon

It's a full moon this weekend. Last full moon was a living nightmare at night time. Individuals with autism and alzheimers have bizarre behavior at night time due to the full moon. Sometimes its on the night of the full moon like last time. However this time, Trenton and Andrew's full moon behavior happened three nights before the full moon which I have read that that is normal too. So strange right?

Trenton could not settle down. He paced the house, touched everything, moved toys all over the house. It was as if his body had so much going on that he could not sit and think about sleep. Andrew was up crying about every 45 minutes that night. Andrew was sitting in his bed screaming at the top of his lungs, throwing everything off his bed. Andrew was kicking his legs and throwing his arms around. The last time Andrew had this type of behavior at night was during the full moon in June. All of this happened on Thursday night. I was extremely tired Friday. The boys and Mommy did not get much sleep....but whats new right?

I hope nothing happens tonight...its still a full moon.....ugh!

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