Tuesday, August 26, 2014


On Sunday, we had a very short celebration for Trenton. He still had a few presents to receive from Nana, Pops, Uncle Brian, Aunt Mindy, and Lincoln.
It was a very short last minute party. Our heart was with Pops who was in the hospital battling some health issues.
However, we pulled it off and Trenton loved it!!! When we started singing "Happy Birthday" he was SO excited! He smiled the whole time. Mommy was so excited I cried and couldn't even sing. This was the first year he has liked being sang to. Do you know how amazing that is?!?!?!? Its beyond amazing! He loved it and to see his smile and emotions made it worth the wait!

Just look at his expressions!!! How could I not collapse and cry with joy?!?!?

Lincoln enjoyed the cupcakes too!
The big 4 year old received a few more presents!!

The boys love this gift!!! Thank you Wendy!! We can't wait till the weather is under 100 so we can take it outside!

Loving on Aunt Mindy

Mommy is not keeping secrets.... and I am not ashamed to say that I am still having what I think are severe panic attacks.  The rates are alarming high with autism parents who raise children on the severe end. I hope with some right medication, my attacks will stop. A huge thanks to Aunt Mindy who came to my house Sunday night to help me because Tim was at work. Uncle Brian was with Mom at the hospital with Dad. Thanks to Grandma Great who came and sat with me on Monday in case I had another attack. We are blessed with amazing family that live close that is helping us get through our journey!
A big thanks to our church family who has helped us alot the past few weeks by bringing us food and assisting with the boys!


  1. Pretty sure those pics need to be frames! Love you :)

  2. This first shot is really cute and I am happy for your kid like how he is dealing with that everyday life. My daughter also loves birthdays and I celebrated her birthday at one of the best party venues Houston TX and her expressions were also melting just like your son.