Friday, August 29, 2014

Hurricane 5.....Again!

It is really hard to explain Trenton's hyperactivity. To be honest, his so called hyperactivity goes to a completely different level than one can imagine. He does not have it everyday....... THANK GOODNESS! His hyperactivity is actually his body seeking some sensory input from his proprioceptive sensory.
 However, when it happens, the destruction he leaves behind is worse than a category 5 hurricane. The stress and anxiety it brings to Mommy would send most people on their feet running away from the situation and never looking back. As bad as it is to be Mommy and trying to meet his sensory needs that his body is craving...its WAY harder to be Trenton living in that body.

 Carly Fleischmann was able to describe what was going on in her body when she was like this and she described it as thousand of ants crawling on her body while her legs felt like they were on fire. Another boy described it almost the same way. He says his blood felt like it had millions of ants crawling in it. Therefore, they both said to get rid of the feeling they just had to keep on moving and destroying things. They simply couldn't sit still. They had to be a category 5 hurricane.  The constant motion and movement helped them with their sensory problems they were having.

This past Wednesday night was one of those nights for Trenton. I couldn't make him happy with anything and he was a hurricane in motion. With my back turned from him for only a few seconds, his autistic adrenaline had him on my kitchen counter standing in a matter of seconds. I got him down and he ran straight for our computer stand and got on top of it.....jumped down....and jumped up on the kitchen table....jumped down....ran across the couch and loveseat...jumped down....ran into the kitchen and pulled down the oven door which was warm and got a small burn that didn't phase him...ran and opened up our fridge and made his way climbing half way up our fridge before I could even get to him and I was only a few steps behind him! I got him down and off he went into his bedroom......jumping off his bed...standing in his window sill....running back into the kitchen....getting on the kitchen stove this time...running .....running...picking up toys....throwing them down....opening up closets and dumping out every toy tub he could find on himself....and then he was up running doing it all over again.

Mommy was chasing him every step of the way getting him down, redirecting him, saying "No Trenton." but when he is in a situation like he was on Friday with his sensory seeking problems.....nothing helps. It doesn't matter what I do. And we wonder why I am having health problems???? This particular night I battled a numb face the whole time....I wonder why? Oh and I didn't mention that while Trenton was a live hurricane....Andrew was part of the hurricane that got beat up repeatedly over and over and over....Mommy was trying to manage Andrew while doing the best I could to manage Trenton....NOT an easy task.

I should have taken pictures of our whole entire house but I was too embarrassed to. Instead, I took a picture of Trenton's room.....and his room was one of the cleanest rooms in the house after Hurricane Trenton went through. As you can tell, his closet door is open with all of his toys dumped out.

On to a few other things.....

Andrew had a line of cars, slippers, and stuffed animals last night. I could not touch his line. He just wanted his line in front of him while he played on his kindle fire.
Trenton's shoe fetish continues. Some days he does not want them lined up, he just wants them out of his closet where he can see them.

The boys have had a thing lately of wanting to wear Mommy's tshirts. When Andrew put one on the other day he looked at me with the biggest smile and said, "like Barbie."
He isn't smiling in the picture but he looks cute to me in my tshirt holding his favorite stuffed animals.

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