Thursday, August 28, 2014

Movin' On

I have mentioned before  several times how blessed we are with some amazing family! I want to talk about one particular aunt tonight. My Aunt Barbara Tackitt is a wonderful person. She has helped us out in so many ways since being on our journey of autism. She was a traveling nurse for thirty years in our rural part of Illinois. She is close to retiring and has written a book titled, Movin' On about 32 unique patients she has seen in her career. I am half way through her book and I can honestly say that her book is fantastic and a little on the funny side too! What is extra special about her book is the fact that she is donating the profit to my boys so we can continue to give them everything they need to improve the quality of their life. Wow! How blessed we are to have her as our aunt!

She is doing a great job advertising her book. Barbara wants so badly for my boys to get as much profit from the book as they can. I can't tell you how much that means to me!! However, lets' put that aside for now. I want to encourage everyone to buy the book to support my aunt! She is a great writer and was blessed with a wonderful career. Her book displays a funny, unique side to some simple life lessons!
And if you buy the book....don't forget to check out the back cover....there is a nice picture of Trenton, Andrew, and Mommy:)

Thanks Aunt Barbara!!

Here is a link to purchase her book!

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