Friday, August 1, 2014


Besides Trenton's major sensory problems this week, he has slept great!! YAY!!

He continues to fall asleep wherever .....

He has also enjoyed spelling this week.
This week he has read his name, rhino, elephant, snake, cat, dog, jump,hat, goat, and I love you!

He cracked me up the other day wearing these glasses and McDonald's hat. Later on in the day he insisted that Mommy wear them. I did and thank goodness no one took a picture of me:)

A common trait of kids on the spectrum is inappropriate laughing. This is do to various reasons. Sometimes it is because they are hearing everything that neurotypical people can't hear such as everyone in the house's stomach growling, and the birds outside, and how the leaves sound as the wind blows, etc. Thus all those sounds are coming at them and their way of filtering it out is by laughing. Another reason they inappropriate laugh is because they have not filtered out what happened earlier in the day because their bodies didn't let them. Therefore their body will start filtering out what happened several hours ago at the same time they are filtering out what is happening now. Again, this can lead to inappropriate laughing. Sometimes it is not inappropriate laughing. Instead it may be crying, having a meltdown, hitting themselves, hit others, etc. Trenton reacts to his world by doing all of the above. Yesterday for about one hour he was managing his body by inappropriate laughing. It saddens me just as much as it does when he has a meltdown. However, I take advantage of when he inappropriate laughs because he is in a good mood and I try to get some good pictures.

I just love the ones I got yesterday!

He soon realized that he needed to do something besides inappropriate laughing. He knew his body needed some tight hugs. I hugged him tight and put some pressure on his body. I told him to hug Andrew. He went up to hug Andrew and I got these pictures... I love them!

Its so sad that Trenton's body needs and craves this kind of input. I look at these pictures and my heart melts. If it wasn't for his body needing a tight hug and pressure he probably would have never hugged his brother or me.

His sensory problems were so out of control on Thursday, he ripped off the curtain rod and curtain during his ABA session with Heather. HE WAS OUT OF CONTROL! There is no controlling his body when it needs to move.

My two blessings!!! They are the best blessings ever!

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