Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Trenton's Party at Harsha!

I could not be more in love with Harsha!!! I am serious!
Every week we are there I fall in love with the place even more. I wish we lived closer so the boys could go every day.
Today at Harsha we celebrated Trenton's 4th birthday. Trenton and Andrew had lunch with their coaches and celebrated Trenton turning 4!
 Of course, my camera gives me trouble when I am there taking pictures. All of the awesome pictures of Trenton showing off his gorgeous smile were blury like this....
 Trenton was so excited!!!!! He knew we were having a party for him!!!

 I got some better pictures with my phone.

After the birthday party celebration, Mommy had another attack. I ended up in the ER in Terre Haute all afternoon. I sure hope and pray we get to the bottom of my attacks soon!!!!!!!!!!!

We have found a great hotel that is giving us a good deal if we stay every Monday night. We have stayed in a hotel the last three weeks. The first two weeks went fairly smooth. However, this past Monday night was a disaster!! Andrew woke up at 2 AM and started having one of his "fits" where he is not happy and tossing his sippy cup and stuffed animals off the bed. He is fussing. He then wakes up Trenton and before you know it..both boys are running around the hotel room at 2:30 AM with all the energy in the world.UGH! I wish they at least slept good every night!

This past Monday night was the most difficult time they have had falling asleep in the hotel too. Andrew, surprisingly, had far more trouble than Trenton. I am afraid our good luck is running out in the hotel. I did catch a  picture of them having a good time early in the evening.
 He loves to cuddle up with his bear, dinosaur, and kindle!

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