Friday, September 5, 2014

CDC Whistleblower Emerges: Admits Coverup on Vaccine Link to Autism

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  1. This is so troubling.....I have always wondered about injecting a pregnant woman with RhoGam. (when she has the RH negative factor) I know it was not done that way in my day! Angie received this with both of her pregnancies (I believe around 24 or maybe 28 weeks) this shot, supposedly is also preserved with a mercury derivative that is in the MMR as well .......Hmmmmmm.....will we ever know? Of course, CDC says this has been taken out of the vaccine. I hate to say this, but I do not trust the CDC or our government!!!!! Am I advocating against vaccinations? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I would, however, encourage every expectant mother to exercise her right to informed choice. I would NEVER wish autism on anyone!!! It has stolen my grandson's childhood robbing him of a normal life. Sometimes doing more or, perhaps I should say, trying to fix something that isn't broke is not always the best!!!! In my day, this shot was given after the birth of the first child. If anyone can tell me why this was changed and started to be given to expectant mothers at 28 weeks when she has a developing fetus, please tell me! I want answers, as well as thousands of other mothers that are living with autism!! 1 in 50 is TOO MANY!!!!!