Friday, September 19, 2014

Dear Autism

Dear Autism

As you know, raising children with autism is extremely challenging. It simply can not be put into words what it is really like. I couldn't help but notice the beautiful drive today on my way to Harsha. It was beautiful! It was one of those drives that I just wanted to burst out singing...."It's a Great Day To Be Alive" by Travis Tritt. What else could I ask for....a beautiful health is better.....Trenton was smiling in the was great! I was driving down the road and singing the song in my head with a little shoulder dance to add. Then just like the blink of an eye, Trenton was upset. Very upset!! He was crying, kicking, screaming, and swinging his arms. He started waving his hand at me. When he waves I know something is wrong. He wanted to tell me something and couldn't get the words out. Oh how I just out right despise you Autism. We were doing great and you ruined our moment so quickly. It is not easy trying to managing an autistic meltdown that is happening in a car seat while driving 70 mph next to semi truck after semi truck. However, I did my best to figure out what was making him crawl out of his skin. Guess what it was?????? A little tiny piece of a nail was hanging off of his nail bed. I mean this was the tiniest piece of nail. It wasn't a hangnail just a small piece that was lifted off the nail. Oh man was it driving him nuts!

I can't simply say, "Trenton, Mommy will get it when we stop." Oh no....he can't understand that and due to his disability he can't wait. This is just one of those small incidences that would not have drove a neurotypical child to the extreme like it did Trenton. Seriously Autism what else??? How dare you make my child's like so difficult. While we are talking about nails....have I reminded you lately how difficult it is to trim his nails? Ha...he won't. Its worse than the Battle of Brushing Teeth. Its far worse. When I start walking to him with a pair of nail clippers the fear takes over. His outstanding strength takes over and there is nothing for Mommy to do other than lay on top of him. However, if I get it just right I can trim the nails while he is asleep. I know when he is in a good sleep and when he isn't. Mommy always knows. I just have to judge.

I simply just wanted to remind you Autism of two small things that should be so simple but aren't for us. Trenton can't handle looking at a small piece of nail coming off his nail bed and he can't handle getting his nails trimmed. Its just not the big things that you take away and make so very difficult...its the small things too.

However, we are standing strong against you. We will conquer just wait! As I have said don't know who you are messing with!

A Warrior Mom

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