Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Declining Behavior

I would like to give an update on Trenton's behavior. I know I have posted on some of his behavior lately, however, I would like to express the seriousness of his declining behavior. Yes, Trenton has accomplished many great things lately. For example, on Saturday while we were outside playing, he ran up to me, touched my legs and said, "Mom". On Sunday, while we were out side playing after church he randomly ran up to me and looked me in the eye and said, "I want Mommy." A few minutes later, Daddy came outside to see the boys for the day before he went to work, and Trenton said, "Daddy." This was great! I believe it is the first time he has ever said, "daddy". I have also gotten Trenton to repeat a few words lately such as, "Bye, Pop", and " love you", "love Nana", and  "love Mom". This is all wonderful!! To top it all off when I picked him up at Harsha last night he actually put his arm around me and hugged me!!!! God has truly blessed us with these moments!

However, his aggressive behavior, hyperactivity, and  impulsive behavior is all declining. In many ways he is regressing. This is very normal with autism. Autism is always a step forward in one area and numerous steps back in other areas. If Trenton is not in a structured setting such as Harsha, ST, OT, or ABA at home, his behavior gets very erratic. I can't control him and there is no way anyone can. For instance, not only is he running around the house nonstop, turning on faucets, jumping on my table, jumping on the computer stand, trying to stand on Andrew's bedpost, but he is also taking his hand and hitting everything off the countertops, taking food items and ripping them open and smearing it all over his body and empting his dresser drawers and throwing his clothes all over his room. I have to stay by his side every minute or we have a huge mess of some sort going on in our house......And we wonder why I have an irregular heartbeat and have to see a Cardiologist next week!?!?!?!

With that said, I can't be by his side every second of the day. I also have Andrew to take care of, lunch and supper to prepare, laundry to do, bills to pay, messes to clean up while another mess is occurring, etc. Our household is a Hurricane Trenton 24/7.  Trenton appears to be much calmer on Monday and Tuesday evening. Why?..  Well, he has had 7 hours of consecutive structured therapy.

I am very worried about Trenton's declining behavior when he is not in a structured setting. His brain is so very different than a neurotypical brain and he has to have structure 24/7.  I forget what a neurotypical child is like until I see one. Then it hits me and my emotions take over. A few days ago I spent a lot of time thinking about Trenton in a regular school setting such as Kindergarten. He is suppose to be in Kindergarten in less than two years. When I think about that......I think about how we aren't even close to being neurotypical...and probably never will......

I just hope that my blog not only helps other moms of severe autistic kids feel not so alone, but I hope it makes families of neurotypical normal kids realize how thankful and blessed they are! Really, we all have been blessed...we are just blessed in many different ways:)

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