Saturday, September 6, 2014

Did the Government Cover Up an Autism/Vaccine Connection?

I by no means am blaming vaccines on my boys autism. It's been proven that it takes two factors, genetics and environmental....and when you have more than one in the same family....genetics is a huge factor!  However, I always knew all along that the government was hiding this issue from Americans. Any new mother to be needs to practice "safe" vaccines. Your child does NOT have to get 5 shots at a time. We never did that many at a time 30 years ago and there was a lot less autism in the America. Mothers need to space out their child's shots. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GET ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!

I am not a fan of Jenny McCarthy but she did say something about vaccines that is SO true!  She said, "One size does not fit all. A  5 lb baby is getting the same amount of shots as a 9 lb baby." Really? That is a huge weight difference when it comes to babies. Plus, some babies are more delicate and their "make-up" is different. Giving shots right off the bat is not a good idea if you want to practice "safe"vaccines.

The articles are all over the internet about this issue right now.

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