Friday, September 26, 2014

Dr. Twyman

Trenton had a doctor appointment today with Dr. Twyman. Unfortunately, that meant we did not have Harsha today. Instead, we drove west to Saint Louis.We discussed Trenton's highs and lows for about 45 minutes.  At the conclusion of the appointment, she decided to double Trenton's anxiety medicine which I think was a smart move.
Trenton's anxiety and sensory modulation disorder has been extreme again this week. His craving to chew on anything and everything that he can get his hands on has been bad the past three days. I have multiple chewies for him but he always wants something else to chew on. His body is craving deep, hard pressure a lot this week. Mommy is trying her best to keep him as comfortable as he can be while dealing with his battles. On Wednesday and Thursday this week, Trenton was a little more difficult in his therapies. He was either aggressive or very quiet.  Such a strange disorder isn't it?!?! We literally never know what one moment from the next will be like.

Anyway, Andrew spent the day with Nana. I took him to the van first this morning and he had a difficult time carrying all of his securities with him.

 He was happy when he made it to the van with them!
 Trenton brought his animals along for the ride too! After a bad night of sleep, he took a nice little nap on the way to STL.
 While we were at the doctor, he loved her stethoscope.
 He even practiced listening to Mommy's heart.
 After our appointment with Dr. Twyman, Trenton had to get blood drawn for Dr. Paruthi. That was a nightmare. We had to wait 25 minutes and that was terrible. Trenton was very hyper. Needless to say he was all over the place and I was left to chase him. Plus, I had this woman who was trying to speak to me all about how her 13 year daughter is in the phase of not wanting to go anywhere with her. She goes on and on  how awful that is. She continues to tell me about her 7 year old daughter who talks too much and gets in trouble for that at school. She said she can't take anything else. She literally said, "What else can go wrong with my life."
WOW! I did my best and bit my tongue and ignored her. What I really wanted to do was say..."Both of your children could have autism.Autism is not just talking like everyone seems to think. Its way more than that. Instead its like are a prisoner in your own home, you fight daily battles, you get kicked at, hit at, screamed at, and if you aren't right there when they poop  you will be wiping it off of your walls, doors, and carpets because both kids LOVE to smear their poop, you never sleep, you spend all day at therapy, you go to countless doctor appointments trying to help your children, you never get one minute of peace and quiet, you will end up getting anxiety yourself and have hospital stays due to panic attacks, and do I really need to go on?  And by the way grateful your children are healthy and can talk. There is not one day that does not go by that I don't wish I had a little girl to help take care of my boys one day. So please, appreciate your life. It could be worse....just like mine could be worse."
But...I didn't say that. I bit my tongue, smiled, grabbed Trenton's hand and hid in the restroom for a while!
After, Trenton's name was finally called, he got his blood drawn which is always a sight for sore eyes. He cries for a very long time after. He would not use his arm for three hours afterward. He rode home like this....
He held his arm out looking at his "owee". Then, tonight before bed, he looked at his "owee" and had a meltdown until he cried himself to sleep. If I only knew what he was thinking? My guess is that he noticed his arm was starting to bruise from his "owee" and he had flashbacks from earlier today. It breaks my heart!

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