Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I had one of the best moments with Trenton today. We were outside playing when one of our cats, Dusty, came up to us. This is one of the best cats ever. She takes abuse from the boys and is always so calm and handles it great. She has not retaliated against the boys at all. Anyway, Trenton was trying to do what he always does and literally pick the cat up by his head. He also tries to pick Dusty up by his tail all the time. Dusty was as calm as a cucumber. I saved poor Dusty and showed Trenton how to hold  him and pet him. After a few minutes of this I placed Dusty in Trenton's arms. He looked at me with the biggest grin ever!! I almost never have my phone with me outside but for some reason today I did. I am sure glad I did because I got one of the best pictures of Trenton. He smiled and tried to say cheese!!!!!

He was so proud of himself for holding Dusty!!! I can't even begin to explain how awesome these pictures are! He hardly ever smiles for the camera!!!! God gave us a special moment today!


  1. I want that adorable picture in a frame!!!! Nana loves it!

  2. Great pictures of a very cute little boy! I bet Dusty was as happy as you were! :)

  3. Look what a happy kid we have here. Dusty looks a little tired. I bet Trenton had something to do with that.