Saturday, September 20, 2014

Great Saturday!

The boys had a great time this morning riding a horse! Of course our experience was much different than the norm. An autism experience goes like this.....
Mommy takes Andrew to the horse while Daddy and Trenton sit in van.
 Andrew enjoys the horse.
 I take Andrew to Daddy and Mommy grabs Trenton from van.
I walk Trenton to the horses and use everything I have to distract him from all the extra stimuli that was around.
Trenton rides the horse (thank goodness there was no line or we would not have been able to do it). Mommy takes Trenton to the van and we leave immediately.

I would have rather walked up to the horses and enjoyed it as a family but Trenton is unable to "wait" and would have been distracted by everything else going on.

When Trenton got on the horse he tried to say, "Yee Haw". It was so cute!! SO CUTE!! Good Job Trenton!!

Later that morning Grandma and Grandpa came by for a short visit!

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