Monday, September 8, 2014

Sleeping Angels & I Want!!!

Little A fell asleep playing his Kindle last night when I was attending to Trenton's needs.

My sleeping angel.

The chair continues to be a huge hit with Trenton. He even sat in the chair perfectly still and ate his supper last night!!

Over the weekend Trenton did a Fantastic job using, "I want _______" It was awesome!
 I heard the following.....
 "I want napkin."
"I want juice."
" I want cheese puffs."
" I want pants."

It was sweet music to my ears! I pray it keeps up! His therapist have worked so hard the past year trying to get him to say it and he is making such huge gains lately in say, " I want". Thus, this also tells you how long it takes for poor Trenton to be able to accomplish anything. It is hard for him. He has done this before with other things such as saying "off" really good for awhile and then it left. I pray this sticks and continues. I have high hopes that it is sticking this time:).

Another sleeping angel.

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