Friday, September 5, 2014

Therapy Update!

The boys had a good week in therapy!

Almost everyone of Trenton's therapists this week commented on how they think Harsha is really helping him. It is! We are so blessed to have amazing therapist locally and amazing coaches at Harsha!

Trenton drew some great horizontal and vertical lines on Thursday with the help from his OT. Trenton has done an amazing job saying "I want" this week in his therapies and at home.
He had 5 consecutive nights of bad sleeping. Its been while since he had that many in a row. However, he slept fantastic the last two nights...YAY!!! Mommy needed it!

Andrew continues to do great in his therapies as well. However, he was a stinker in therapy on Thursday and didn't do the best. He still struggles a lot with yes/no questions. However, he is getting really good at saying, "No Trenton that's Andrew's"....its so cute!
 He does great saying, "I want" as well.

I am VERY HAPPY to say that Andrew jumped on the trampoline with both feet off the trampoline at the same time!!!!! This is huge!!! I am so proud of him and he was very proud of himself!! Andrew is delayed on motor skills so this is a huge gain for him!!!

Trenton loves the Laurie Berkner band. There is not one song that they sing that he doesn't like. During music therapy he enjoyed singing and playing the guitar to many of Laurie Berkner's songs......while he watched himself in the oven of course!

We were very blessed this week by someone amazing! This person bought Trenton a very special chair that he so dearly needed! This chair will be great when he needs some sensory help, when its time to eat, and when its time for some in home therapy. Thank you!!!

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