Thursday, September 4, 2014

Walk for Autism Speaks

Our family has participated in the Walk for Autism Speaks in STL the past two years. Ever since Trenton's diagnosis I wanted our family there to walk in support of him and others who suffer from this awful disorder. Unfortunately, this year Trenton and I will not be in attendance. This upsets me greatly. It's not because I don't want to go but instead it's because it's impossible to take Trenton. He just wants to run away from me or whoever he is with when he is outside. He will not hold your hand. If I try to hold his hand he is trying to pull away, kick, scream, cry....until he gets away. He runs faster than Michael Johnson. He will not sit in a stroller and to be frank...he is too big for a stroller. Therefore, there is no way I can take him to a crowd of ten thousand people...HECK NO!
With that said, we have some very loving family members who want to walk  and show their support for us. In addition, I have had many request for new tshirts. As a result of this I am taking tshirt orders. If you want a tshirt please email me The tshirts will no longer be Team Trenton due to Andrew having autism as well. Our tshirts will be Two Brothers One Journey tshirts. If you want one, you have one week to let me know. If you want to attend the walk, I have attached a link below.

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