Monday, September 15, 2014

Wild Behavior

We had an overnight guest on Saturday night. Chloe, my parents dog, stayed the night with us. Chloe saw things that she had never seen before nor even thought was possible. If dogs could talk she would tell you how exceptional and different the Conrad household is. For instance, Trenton went to bed at eight o'clock that night. I was elated that I actually had time to take a shower, check my email, and start picking up the house before ten or eleven o'clock at night. It felt so good to do those tasks and crawl in bed at a decent time and then BAM! Trenton is up....and the rest is down hill.....

Trenton is wild......WILD...UNCONTROLLABLE from ten thirty to almost 4 in the morning. Andrew wakes up crying at 11. I have both boys awake in the night at the same time  for two and a half hours. At one point I looked at the clock and it was midnight and I was just fighting back tears. FIGHTING BACK TEARS!!! Trenton's sleep overall is vile lately. His behavior is declining and keeps getting worse. I was beyond stressed and sleep deprived and both boys are non-stop moving. Have you ever seen a class of Kindergarten children who are all excited? Well if you haven't...the noise level is unbearable....a class full of children playing with excitement can be very loud. My two boys were making enough noise for twenty Kindergarten children. Nothing I could do was calming to them or making them stop.
Andrew fell asleep around 2:30, Trenton at 3:50, and Mommy at 3:51.

Chloe was a good girl through it all. I am sure if you asked her if she would want to stay the night again, she would say NO.

Trenton has made such huge gains lately with the ability to say, "I want_______". However, his behavior is declining. Autism is like take two steps forward but those steps forward are always associated with ten steps back.

When I say I can't take my eyes off of him that is NOT an exaggeration. I don't have to explain again how wild he can be and what he does when he is wild. I just spoke about that a few posts ago. However, on Sunday he was doing all of those wild behaviors and more. What I am trying to say is this.....Trenton wants eggs. I make him scrambled eggs and try to get him to sit in his chair. He doesn't want in his chair. I place his plate of eggs on the table. I make Trenton sit down. I hear Andrew crying so I go and check on him. I help Andrew who was in his bedroom. I walk back out in my kitchen and living room area to find Trenton jumping on my couch smearing scrambled eggs all over his face and body.  I HAVE SCRAMBLED EGGS EVERYWHERE!! I get Trenton off the couch and start picking up the mess. Trenton runs into the kitchen and starts climbing up the fridge. I run in the kitchen and get him out of the fridge. He knocks cereal boxes off the top of the fridge. I pick up the cereal boxes. I walk back in the living room to find that he grabbed one box and dumped its contents all over my carpet. I start cleaning up the cereal mess while Trenton is grabbing hand fulls of cereal and throwing down my vents.  Now I have eggs and cereal all over my living room and down my vents. While I am trying to clean up the mess I hear the water running in the kitchen. I run in the kitchen to find Trenton standing in my kitchen sink with the water running. I get him down. He runs into the bathroom and does the same thing. All the while I have not even had time to see what Andrew is up to. Want to know what he was doing???? He had taken off his pants and clothes and pooped all over my carpet. Andrew was having a day yesterday where he did not want clothes on. When he has these days I have to fight him all day long....I mean ALL DAY LONG!  NEVER A DULL MOMENT OR JUST A SECOND TO CATCH MY BREATH!

That was just a very short ten minute period of what my whole Sunday was like. If you think that ten minutes sounds exhausting  and crazy...well...I should tell you about my whole day. It would send most people running in their tracks and never looking back.
It's been awhile since I have had to leave church early and yesterday was one of those days. Trenton was not manageable in church even.

 If you can picture everything in your house destroyed with food, toys, broken toys, clothes thrown all over house from dressers and closets, shoes thrown everywhere, etc...then that is my house. I am not sure why we even have toys for Trenton.  He does not play with them. Instead,  what is fun to him is simply making messes and stringing everything everywhere.

Here he is in the middle of his cereal mess. One of these days I will get the courage to take pictures of the destruction that two boys with autism can do to a house. As of right now, I am too embarrassed to take those photos and share.

Andrew fell asleep during one of his 4 wheeler rides this weekend with Pops. So precious!

Andrew loved riding in the very back of the van on the way to church on Sunday. He was singing, "Jesus Loves Me" with Pops.

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