Thursday, September 18, 2014


Trenton has been fixated on colors lately. He has enjoyed watching The Wiggles the past two weeks and I think that is why he likes colors. The Wiggles dress in yellow, purple, blue, and red. Trenton likes to take turns wearing the four colors. He wants me to put him in a yellow shirt and he will walk around with that on for a few minutes. Next, he wants a red shirt and so forth. It is rather cute to watch. However, its rather sad and depressing what he also does. If he sees a red toy then he has to make sure he puts a blue, purple, and yellow item with the red toy. For instance, the other day he had an item that was blue, purple, and red. The only color that was missing was yellow. He could not find a yellow item. Therefore, he said, "yellow egg." I knew instantly he wanted me to make a scrambled egg. Therefore, I made a scrambled egg, put it on a plate, and he was happy. He placed his yellow egg next to his blue toy, purple toy, and red toy....He is one smart boy!!

You can see in the below picture that Trenton has containers that are yellow, blue, red, and green. The only color missing was purple. What did Trenton do? He took the lid off of his purple play doh and carried a purple lid with the containers so the four colors plus green were together. These were his objects of the day.
If you look at Andrew you see that he is carrying his objects of the week...Larry Boy and Larry Boy's car from Veggie Tales. My boys like to take objects with them. It is their securities and it helps them transition and feel comfortable in this world.

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