Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Andrew Update

Here are a few updates on Andrew....

Andrew continues to show small improvements in his speech. He can say a lot of spontaneous things but he continues to repeat a lot of language as well. On some days the repeating is worse than other days.
Andrew LOVES Harsha! On days that he does not attend, he always asks to go. (We call Harsha, school.) Andrew says, " I want school" all the time! When I tell him we don't have school, he gets really disappointed but adjusts well to the rest of his day.

Andrew's sleep has improved a lot over the past months. He no longer wakes up in the night for an extended time period. Usually once or twice a night I hear, "Mommy! Mommy!" in the monitor. I go in his room, he takes a drink of water, and he is usually back to sleep a few minutes later. As bad as I hate being woke up by an almost three year old in the night still....I do love to hear him say my name:) It is so cute to hear him say my name.  I never take it for granted. I do hope and pray that one day I can hear Trenton say it over and over!

He still continues to go through periods where his OCD takes over and controls his days. On some days, I am the only one that can do anything with Andrew such as brush his teeth, change diapers, play with him, etc. On other days, he only wants Daddy, Nana, or Pop. If he does not want you, he will scream and say "No" over and over. It truly upsets him. In his mind he has to have the person that he wants or he goes into a huge tantrum and breakdown.

I see a change in his social play lately. He no longer imitates everything another child is doing when he is around them. However, he is very socially awkward. He likes to stand back and watch the other kid for awhile. He will walk up to the child, but Andrew will take his hand and hit the child or push him. I am not sure where this is coming from. When he is redirected and told that we don't hit other kids, then he starts imitating the actions of others. He really does have a long way to go with this area.

Andrew continues to do well at Harsha. His main goal at Harsha is to promote functional, spontaneous speech. He does well and works hard daily to meet his targets. When I received his report the other day I smiled when I read where Andrew colored a picture and said it was for Mom!

Andrew continues to receives speech and occupational therapy on Wednesday and Thursday! He does great and loves his therapies as well! I am not sure what we would do without our Harsha coaches and therapies!!  Mommy, Andrew and Trenton loves them all!!  We consider them part of our family!!

Keep up the hard work Andrew! Mommy loves you and you are a precious gift from God!

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