Thursday, October 2, 2014

Monday & Tuesday

We had a successful trip to Terre Haute on Monday and Tuesday. The boys did great at Harsha and in the hotel. I am very lucky in the fact that I get pictures sent to me from time to time of the boys at Harsha. Here are a few from Monday and Tuesday

Look at those smiles!!!
 Sensory room!
 I love this picture.....They work with Trenton on "safety hands" and walking together along this path...its exactly what he needs!!!
 I found a park that we took the boys to on Monday evening. They enjoyed it for a few minutes until Trenton noticed all the other houses and he wanted to go where he couldn't we had to leave.

 The below picture is of Trenton using one of his chewies! Right now he needs  a lot of stimulation to his mouth. To be honest, it is very sad watching him chew on everything like a little baby.

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  1. Love the pictures from Harsha! The boys look so happy!