Saturday, October 4, 2014


Some days I just want to feel for one hour what being a normal mom is like. It was the one thing I have always wanted to be. It by far has been the best blessing to me. However, there are days I just want to experience being a normal mom for just one hour and see my boys normal for one hour too! I crave it.....but I know....more than will never happen.

Today was a fall festival in Salem. The boys and I rode along with my parents. Andrew can go out in public and he is fine. As that is the difference between severe and mild autism. The plan was for my parents to enjoy the parade with Andrew and I was going to do something with Trenton. Even if I had to drive around for two hours with him in the van, I was going to do that so Andrew could enjoy the parade. However, the town was crazy with all the detours so I decided to be brave and take Trenton to the parade. I was glad I did! He did amazingly well! He sat in the stroller for 45 minutes along side with Andrew and watched the parade. Actually, Andrew watched the parade and Trenton sat in the stroller and fiddled with his fidgets. Trenton did enjoy the bands. At one time he said, "more band."

Forty five minutes into the parade, Trenton had enough. He wanted out of the stroller and was't stopping at nothing to get out. I took him back to the van. He played in the van for awhile. He found an umbrella in the van.( Trenton loves umbrellas! LOVES THEM!!!) Every time he has one, he is perfectly happy for awhile. With that said, I got him out of the van and practiced holding hands. We held hands walking back to the parade with an umbrella in his other hand. We sat back down for few minutes and watched one more band and he was once again DONE! He wanted to go up to people's houses, grab their flowers, open up their mailboxes (another fetish of Trenton's),etc. So, we walked back to the van and waited for Andrew, Nana, and Pop.

I continued to feel brave even after a rough end to the parade. I decided to take the boys to Pizza Hut. Let's just say I should have never done this. Trenton was horrible. HORRIBLE!!!!! He could not handle a restaurant. He did good for 45 minutes earlier and his body couldn't take anymore. We didn't even get our pizza. We quickly ate some bread sticks and left.

However, I am very happy with the 45 minutes of parade time! Thank you Trenton James and Andrew Joseph!! Keep up the good fight boys!!

 Andrew and Mommy selfie. He has some cotton candy on his face...
 To occupy Trenton, Nana bought him a plastic trumpet. Trenton pretended to play it with the band.
 Mommy holding Trenton under his umbrella giving him some hugs and squeezes to comfort him.


  1. Don't worry. At least you had 45 minutes of parade and the pictures with the boys are pretty cute. You've done a great job.

    1. Thank you so much! Thanks for reading my blog and commenting from time to time!!