Saturday, October 18, 2014

Trenton Update

It amazes me of how different each and every person is with autism. What amazes me the most, is the difference between mild and severe. If one would really like to see this Momma get on a tantrum then ask my opinion of the high rate of autism. What do you mean you might ask? Well, I believe what one very knowledgeable doctor told me..."Cases like Trenton who are on the severe end are not 1 in 50...they are more like 1 in 500, maybe even 1 in 5000. There is much more milder cases than severe."

In my first two years of my autism journey almost every mom I met told me that it gets better as he gets older. Well, it is not getting better. In fact, it is getting worse. Yes he can repeat a word and if you ask him his colors, shapes, letters, numbers, animals, etc he can say the single word on a good day. But does he have functional speech? NO! Can he say help when he needs help? NO! Can he randomly say "mom"? NO! He does not have functional spontaneous speech at all. However, he did spontaneously say "Jenny" this week. She is one of Trenton's teachers in the ECE classroom!! This was fantastic to hear that he did that!!

He is getting worse to take places due to his aggressive, impulsive, hyperactivity. Each and every therapist that he sees on Wednesday and Thursday has noticed it and is very worried about him. He cries, kicks, hits, throws items during his therapy sessions. My conclusion is that he is getting a little more aware of what he can and can't do. Therefore, he is trying to get out of the task....which is very typical of autistic kids. I remember studying and learning all about this during my college years.
His sensory processing disorder is worsening. His whole body is wired completely different than ours and as he gets older, he can't control his body. Unfortunately, in many cases of severe autism it never gets gets worse. I really do fear this. It pulls at my heart strings each and every day.

I received Trenton's monthly report from Harsha. They are tracking his maladaptive behaviors which appear to have multiple functions.  Trenton has many targets that he works on there which falls in the categories of communication, instructional control, listener response,motor imitation, and social.  These are very hard for Trenton and he works hard every day while he is at Harsha.

I would have to say the biggest improvement in Trenton since starting at Harsha is holding my hand, which we call "Safety hands". They work real hard with Trenton on this and it is helping! He will hold my hand with no problem walking into Harsha, school, or therapy. My goodness....he even held my hand at the walk last weekend! I could not be more pleased with this!
With autism, our joys and triumphs are a far cry from the neurotypical child. On most days, I totally forget what Trenton should be doing at his age if it wasn't for autism. When I see something that reminds me, I am left in total shock and totally depressed. Both my boys were robbed in this life....and it sickens me every day to think how hard their life is.

Mommy did get some smiles when we played with some bubbles this morning!!

More smiles playing "blast off" with Daddy!

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