Friday, October 3, 2014


Trenton is really into colors lately. Big time!! I made the mistake about a month ago with buying colored ice cream cones. He loves them, however, I have to have them at all times now. Unfortunately, the stores don't always have the colorful cones in. The stores might have pink and green but not blue....and Trenton does not like that!!! I have dealt with huge meltdowns and tantrums. I finally used my creative mind...well...what little creativity that I have....and bought the plain cones and food coloring. He is perfectly happy with me taking a plain cone and dabbing a strip of blue on it if the store doesn't have blue cones. He has to have green, blue, pink, and purple. He doesn't always eat ice cream out of the cones either. He is perfectly happy with just carrying the cones with him or sitting by them.
It's amazing what makes him happy! We don't need toys for Trenton....he is perfectly happy with some of the most random items.

He has slept fairly well the last two weeks. I should say he has at least slept some good consecutive hours. He by no means has stayed in bed to a decent time. We are almost always awake for the day between 3 and 4. He continues to have difficulty falling asleep. He just paces the house and runs around the house until his body lets him relax. He will not go to bed and lay. He continues to move around the house  with endless energy. Then suddenly he will either fall to the ground and go to sleep or he lays on the couch and falls asleep.

I had Trenton's IEP yesterday with the local school district. Trenton will start attending Mrs. Edwards ECE classroom again on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. These are the days that he does not attend Harsha. Trenton loved the ECE classroom last year and I enjoyed him being in there. This will be very good for him. It will give him two days a week to have some more social time with other kids and to keep him familiar with school.

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