Friday, October 10, 2014


Trenton has been very verbal the past few days. He has done a great job at repeating back words. Therefore, I have had him repeat, " I love you" as much as I can. I treasure the days that his body lets him be verbal like this. So many times, his body doesn't let him. Trenton's modulation problem that he has with his severe sensory problems defines his whole life. On some days he can repeat words....and some days he can't. On some days he can hold a crayon the correct way......and some days he can't. On some nights he can sleep.....and some he can't. The list could go on forever. I simply can't imagine living in his body.

He still continues and probably always will have a difficult time falling asleep. After he finally went to sleep night he slept well but was up for the day a little before 4 AM. With that said, he was tired and fell asleep on the way to Harsha this morning.
But he was very excited when he laid eyes on Harsha.

Andrew continues to improve in his language. He still repeats a lot back. However, normal daily language is getting better. He is still no where close to what it should be at his age. He still is unable to answer a lot of questions. If it is a familiar yes/no question, especially one that he knows is NO, he will answer no.
I always ask Andrew questions like, "what did you do with Nana", or "what did you do today?". Just this past week, he finally was able to answer me. He replied back with one word but he finally understood and was able to come up with one word that he did!
Andrew verbally stims a lot. This continues to be getting worse. I remember Trenton went through a phase where he verbally stimmed a lot as well. His verbal stim simply sounds like a baby babbling.

The other day the receptionist at Olney said, "Hi cutie pie." to Andrew. Andrew said with a very serious look, "I'm Andrew." just have to laugh and smile! However, this is a small example of the autistic mind and how they are very literal with everything and never understand figurative speech.

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