Saturday, October 11, 2014

Walk for Autism

I decided a few days ago that I would try the walk for autism and make it three years in a row. I emailed family members of my plans to arrive at the walk just in time to literally walk. I did not take the boys to the Kid Zone or do any of the extra fun things because it would have over stimulated Trenton and our trip to STL would have ended in a disaster.
My plan worked and we had a great walk. Trenton lasted half way through the walk in the stroller and I couldn't keep him in it for the rest of the walk. However, he did a FANTASTIC job at holding my hand and Nana's. I believe Harsha has done a great job at teaching "safety" hands.

The walk for Autism Speaks begins!!

 We did lots of swinging Trenton on the walk to entertain him and keep his mind off of distractions.

While Nana and I were swinging him I swear Trenton said, "happy." He was really happy and I know he said it!

 Almost to the finish line...

 We did it again!!! The best mile walk ever!!

 Enjoying a hug after the walk. His hugs are so few and far between but I cherish them when I get one!!

 Daddy had to stay behind to work. Uncle Brent had to cancel at the last minute due to food poisoning....we sure hope he is better soon!
Thanks to everyone who bought t shirts, walked, and donated this year! It means a lot!!!

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